I set aside time to clean our extremely messy house from being gone pretty much all day yesterday, shopping for our upcoming trip and at the swim meet and then taking the girls to church for youth night.  It was pretty bad and it took a pretty long time, but it looks and feels much much better now.  I really don’t enjoy cleaning, but I remember when I was super pregnant with my twins how awful my house got because I couldn’t bend over and I could hardly move.  I used to wash the dishes sitting on a tall stool and I could only do that for so long.  At that point, and after they were born, and I could move but I had no time, and then when stress of it all caught up to me and I had no energy, I longed for the days I had set aside for cleaning, and I thought it would be so great to actually have time to clean stuff and organize stuff.  I think that day is finally here, I just have to remember how glad I am to have these “first world problems”.  Perspective– cleaning is awesome!!  I’m glad I can bend over.  I’m glad I have time.  I’m glad I have energy.  This is good!


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