nice strangers

Today was a bit of a long day. After 4 hrs. of a swim meet with 7 kids, I took them all with me to Costco and Trader Joe’s (glad I live fairly close to those stores).  I noticed a lot of people just smiling at my cute kids, especially the 2 yr. old.  Nobody looked at me weird, like why do you have so many children? They were mostly busy with their own lives. We basically had lunch out of the samples at Costco, the sales people were happy to serve them to my 7 kids.  The Vitamix lady asked us if we’d like her to make us a smoothie, that made my kids very happy, it was very good and she said that she just loves making them for kids.  I thought that was pretty nice.  I took all 8 of my kids to Costco in the winter once when school was in session.  I got a LOT of weird looks and at least 3 people asked me if they were all mine.  This was a contrast, I think there was more going on at the store, it’s summer, and we got lots of smiles and no questions. And then at the check out, I couldn’t find my costco card for awhile, the guy was telling me, they could look it up with my license when I finally found it buried beneath a bunch of papers in my purse– I told them that I had it when I walked in and he said that I had a little more going on than most motioning to my kids and that it was no big deal. That was nice!!  Thank you strangers, you don’t know what a friendly smile and friendly gestures and feelings may mean to a harried, frumpy, well- meaning mom!!


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