I had a really nice day at church today.  The people there are trying to be good and are very caring and loving towards me and my family.  That means so much to me.  Church has been a support for me through many difficult times of my life, it has been a place of peace, of learning, of camaraderie and love.  I thought it would always be there to support me and help me, but there was a period of about 4 yrs. that it became a place of dread and anxiety for me.  It is a very long story, but to make it short– I learned that all that really matters in this life is love and my personal relationship to God and the Savior independent of any organization.  Church is there to help me in my path and to help me find friends and people I can practice loving and helping and receiving help from.  That is how church is for me again, a place of peace, a place of love and understanding.  It is very very sweet.  But I’m glad I went through the period of dearth, because I understand people who leave the church, or who stay away from organized religion, or have other issues.  And I just want to say, it’s OK.  God loves you still and even though; it doesn’t matter He just loves you.  It is a beautiful thing to feel and share in that love with others at church.  Not every week is like that, but today it was.  And that is good.


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