quick checkers and baggers

I went to Trader Joe’s last night, trying as always to see how quickly I can gather my groceries and get out of there,  and the checker was the fastest, most efficient checker I have ever had!!  They sent 2 baggers over since I had filled my cart to overflowing and actually need 2 carts, I’m pretty sure they were done in about 5 min. flat.  I complimented them, I think they appreciated it and I thanked them a ton too.  Last time I went to Trader Joe’s a couple weeks ago, the checker was super slow, I bagged it all myself, and she was annoyed by me explaining how you find ways to be efficient when you have kids waiting for you– which I did, we were supposed to go pick them up.  I made sure they had a ride home this time, and I wasn’t in a huge hurry like last time, but what a contrast!  I got home an extra 10- 15 min early because of that efficiency.  AWESOME!!!


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